Monday, November 30, 2009

Today is the last day of November. Only 30 days left till the new year. This year has passed very quickly for me. Sasserfrass Hill Bee Farm has taken lots of my time and energy. I have enjoyed working in my yards. Building stone beds borders and planting lots of perennials. I have met several master Gardeners who are willing to help me get my yard planted with flowers and plants that are bee friendly all seasons of the year.

I have been feeding my bees sugar water 1 x 1 and the are busy drinking it up as fast as they can. We have had very mind fall with temperatures only in the high thirties a few nights. I still have morning glories blooming and even tiny yellow blooms on my tomato plants.

I hope my girls will make it through our second winter together. I will wrap the hives with a nice insulation when temperture drop. I want to help the girls save as much energy as possible. Each bee consumes honey, metabolizes it, at the cellular level and produces heat and muscular energy. Each individual bee's heat is contributed to the cluster and communal heat is produced.

I am going to fed my bees and hope for the best.

Charlotte, my niece, said I have the luckest bees in the world.... just to be on SasserFrass Hill...I hope my ten hives come out of winter feeling the same.

Bee Well my tiny friends.
Ms Deb

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