Monday, November 30, 2009

SasserFrass Hill Get Ready for Winter!

Today is the last day of November. Only thirty days till we issue in another new year. This year has zipped pasted at light speed.

I have been feeding my bees 1 x 1 sugar water for several weeks. They are drinking it up as fast as they can. They have polished off 100 pounds of sugar so far and I will feed them another 50 pounds this week and see how their food stores measures up.

I will insulate the hives on SasserFrass Hill when the temperature drop. I want to save my girls as much energy as possible. Each little cell of honey can figuratively be compared to a miniature barrel of oil or a few sticks of firewood. Each bee consumes honey, metabolizes it (burns it) at the cellular level and produces heat and muscular energy. Each individual bee's heat is contributed to the cluster and communal heat is produced.

We have had many blessings this year. One of our biggest is Mr. Charlie, guiding us and sharing his thirty years of beekeeping experience. He tirelessly helps everyone with our bees, he answer's all our questions and makes you feel everything is going to be alright.

We Thank you GOD for all our Many Blessing. We are grateful.
Bee Well my tiny friends.
Ms Deb

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