Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 is flying by at Lightspeed!

I had some time this afternoon and checked to see the last time I posted on my blog?. It was October of 2012. Almost a year ago. I was surprised at how much time had passed and how quickly. We have been busy this year. I helped with the Clark Hill and the Aiken's new Beekeeping classes. In February we spoke to garden clubs, caught swarms, made lotion bars and lip balms. In March Rick and I went to the spring South Carolina State meeting in Rock Hill, SC We had a warm winter and a cool wet spring. It was beautiful weather. The bees started swarming early. I had so many swarms and only caught a few. I had a swarm go to a neighbors yard and got sprayed with RAID! That was traumatic. We were a part of Earth Day at the Medical College of Georgia as an Educational vendor. We hosted Girl Scout troops, home school groups and Garden Clubs, that came to Sasserfrass Hill to see and learn about the bees and the plants that feed them. We bought lots of plants and I had lots of friends and Master Gardeners give me plants this spring to help feed the girls. We got three nuc, from Allen Johnson. Queens of queens of the "Woodcliff Girls". I helped lots of new Beekeepers with their bees this year. I had three new beekeepers all named Amy! It has been so much fun helping and teaching new people about bees and why we must save them. I took my Journeyman Level test and practical, and pasted. At Clemson, South Carolina State Summer meeting in July. My "Girls" took third place in the Black Jar honey competition (taste only). It was very nice to win a ribbon on my first try.! We have lots more speaking engagements on the calender. My 85 year old mother, Marcella, is a big help at our events and I appreciate her very much. I will try to post more ofter but . . . I may get too buzzzzzy and forget . . . Bee Well, Deborah
One of the Home School Groups that came to Sasserfrass Hill Bee Farm for a visit.