Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July brings lots of excitement to Sasserfrass Hill

July was a very busy month for Sasserfrass Hill. We continued to pull queen cells even when the temperatures reached into the 100's. When you are working in the heat you must be careful, but when you put on a bee jacket, veil and gloves... Hot!... does not even describe the feeling. Sometimes, I wondered if we would even live to tell the story.

We had another first on Sasserfrass Hill this month. We had a group of mostly home schooled kids come for a field trip to learn about the bees and how important they are to the environment.

They were very well behaved kids. Many parents came along and expressed interest in getting started with some beehives. They were very attentive and ask lots of great questions. If we got one kid interested in beekeeping, we feel it was a successful day. I had lots of help getting ready for the event from my Mom, who helped stuff the gift bags with lotion bars and lip balms. Catelyn, my niece stamped the bags with bees and helped us finish up the gift bags. On Tuesday I had even more help. My sister, Vikki sold our liquid gold. and gave the kids a spoon full of our tasty treat. My niece, Charlotte stamped bees on tiny hands and was helped Ms. Vik sell honey. Mr. Charlie had the kids captivated with his information and knowledge. It was a very positive experience and we were glad it went off without a hitch.

We have had several other groups express interest in scheduling some time to come see the bees for themselves.

Mr. Charlie and I are still helping the new beekeepers get through this hot summer and hopefully get their bees ready for the fall and winter. Now is a time many new beekeepers lose their bees. With Mr. Charlies guidance we hope to keep that from happening.

Mr Charlie has also tried something new this season. We are re-queening some of the hives. But instead of queens that are artificially inseminated, He put in new queens still in the cells. They will hatch and make their mating flight for herself here. We hope to have success with this test.

People are so kind and generous. I have had several people give me canning jars. I am grateful for the thought fullness and to be able to give new life to a old jar. I always recycle every chance I get.

We are thinking about the fall and all the chores we must do to get the bees ready for the fall. Keeping bees is a full time job for me now. I am happy I was able to turn my hobby into my business....Thanks to Mr. Charlie.
Happy Birthday Ben !!! Hope you have a wonderful, prosperous and healthy year !!