Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring has Sprung on Sasserfrass Hill

Happy Spring Everyone!

This spring the bees have taken us in a new direction. On April 2nd we got a call about a colony of bees in the steeple of the Chapel at Paine College. Mr Charlie and I went over to check and see if we could remove them. We could not reach the bees from the inside of the steeple. The painter had a very large lift and took Mr. Charlie up and he was able to remove the enormous colony.
We brought the brood home and put them into a weak hive and they are thriving. It was very exciting and rewarding to save the bees. Paine College did not mind the bees living in the steeple and would not have disturbed them had it not been for the repair work that had to be done. They were happy to be a part of a successful rescue and removal.

We have performed several other removals this month and have several more to do. We are excited about our new adventure and hope to have plenty more bees to rescue.

Other than removals we are buzy keeping all our bees feed, checking for hive beetles every day, helping new beekeepers install their bees, catching swarms, pulling queen cells, making and selling nuc and we are still performing our Bee Venom Therapy once a week.

I am also working in my yards. I have wonderful friends who are master gardeners. They have generously shared lots of plants with me. I am trying to get them all planted so the bees will have lots of nectar. Michael is helping me with new beds and flagstone walkways. He has helped me with the digging (I have rock hard clay) pruning, and moving heavy things around my yard. He has saved me a lot of back pain.!!!

Sarah helped me get our price list together with photos. It looks great. When you have time check out our price list at

We will have honey in about five weeks. The girls are working hard and we are hoping for a bountiful harvest.
Remember... Eat lots of local honey... It will help your allergies.!!
Bee Well,
Ms Deb

Official Pricing Guide

We have great news out here on Sasserfrass Hill! Our offical pricing list is posted both here on this blog entry and on our website If you have any questions please contact us! Look forward to a new blog entry soon!