Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lotion Bars, Candles, lip Balm ....Ohooo My!

Happy Halloween Everyone.!!!

It was a beautiful day with lots of blue sky and white puffy clouds. I worked in my yards all day. Then it turned gray and rainy.

I have only had two trick or treaters tonight. I have never had very many kids because the street is not well lit, and the houses are far apart.

I closed on my house nine years ago today. I can hardly believe it has been that long. . . . Time flies....

I am working on lotion bars and pure beeswax candles. I got lots of new exotic oils and yummy butters. I hope to make several new batches of lotion bars next week.

The bees are eating from the feeders and still bringing in pollen. All seems to be going well at this time.

I got lots of plants and cuttings from Carol Finch, a master gardener this week. She gave me some perennials I hope the girls will like. The spring will tell. I am going to meet some other master gardeners in the next week or so for more ideas how to make Sasserfrass Hill more bee friendly.

Bee Spooky,
Ms Deb

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